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'Getting beyond the usual suspects'

Seminar   14.09.2007







Organised by

Dr Joan Haran, Dr Alex Plows and Dr Kate O'Riordan


Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University

Event details

This one-day event will discuss modes of theorising, researching and performing the relationship between scientists, clinicians, policy-makers and 'the public'. Drawing together academics researching these topics with stakeholders in the field of biopolitics, the session will combine presentations on work-in-progress with time for discussion and debate. The session will also include time to reflect on the previous seminars in the series, to draw out thematic links and explore the possibility of future work in the area.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • The relationship between 'public consultation' and policy formation in biomedicine and technoscience
  • Inclusion and exclusion in the practice and processes of public engagement and public consultation
  • How 'upstream' can 'upstream public engagement' be when biomedical research and translation are framed as matters of extreme urgency?
  • The appropriate role for feminists / academics / feminist academics in public consultation, public engagement and policy formation
  • Citizens, consumers, patients and stakeholders as concepts for framing publics and audiences
  • National and international contexts

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