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'Sociomics': A Multidisciplinary Workshop on the Transformation of Knowledge Production in the Biosciences, and its Consequences

Workshop   30.11.1999







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Organisers: Peter Glasner, Ruth McNally CESAGen Cardiff and Paul Oldham, Brian Wynne CESAGen Lancaster


Conference Centre, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Kinxton, Cambridge

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CESAGen is a specialist social science research centre based at Cardiff and Lancaster Universities. It is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and is part of the ESRC Genomics Network. CESAGen’s main objective is to work with relevant bioscientific groups to analyse the social and economic dynamics, dimensions and consequences of genomics, the other 'omics' and systems biology, and related fields.

One of the notable features of scientific conferences and review articles is the prevalence of references to 'paradigm shifts' and 'revolutions' when describing how the 'omics' have transformed bioscientific knowledge and its production. Dimensions of this transformation are: large-scale, high-throughput platforms and goals; the internet and computerization; and multidisciplinary collaboration and convergence including, in some visions, the social sciences.

This workshop brings together natural, computer and social scientists from the academy, industry, societies, publishers and funding bodies. The aim is to characterize and discuss: transformations in the production of bioscientific knowledge; opportunities, benefits and risks they engender and for whom; their economics and sustainability; likely and ideal future contours of research, including innovative ways to articulate and manage barriers, risks, and new relationships.

This event is part of CESAGen’s Dissemination Programme for Phase 1 (2002-2007). It is also a forum for the future to discuss the directions of research in the social, computer and biosciences, including multidisciplinary collaborations in CESAGen Phase 2 (2007-2012). The workshop will begin informally with a reception, poster session and dinner on the evening of Monday 23th July. On Tuesday 24th the format will be keynote presentations from social, natural and computer scientists, three themed discussion sessions with multidisciplinary panels, and a final consolidation and future plans session. Outcomes include a report in Proteomics and plans for future collaborative research and meetings. A draft programme is available.

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