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4th CESAGen/CSG International Conference: Genetics and Society - Retrospects and Prospects

Conference   26.03.2007






  • Paul Atkinson
  • Nik Brown
  • Ruth Chadwick
  • Herbert Gottweis
  • Paul Martin
  • Mike Michael
  • Gil Omenn
  • Dame Julia Polak
  • Martin Richards
  • Glyn Stacey
  • Andrew Webster
  • Lord Robert Winston
  • Steve Yearley
  • Michael Yesley
  • Organised by

    Conference Organising Committee

  • Mel Evans (Cardiff)
  • Peter Glasner (Co-Chair - Cardiff)
  • Helen Greenslade (Conference Secretary - Cardiff)
  • Joan Haran (Co-Chair - Cardiff)
  • Paul McCarthy (Lancaster)
  • Ruth McNally (Cardiff)
  • Annemiek Nelis (Nijmegen)
  • Kate Wright (Lancaster)
  • Venue

    The Royal Society, London,

    Event details

    This conference will provide an opportunity for the genomics social science community to take stock and celebrate its successes. Through reviewing the findings of research undertaken to date it will question what has been discovered, the implications of these results, and the new questions they raise. We aim to engage associated stakeholders and policy makers in debating in a dialogue about the future direction of social science research.

    There will be international plenary and keynote speakers discussing:

    • Engaging stakeholders in social science research
    • Policies for sustainability
    • Media representations

    Other key themes will include:

    • Changing forms of knowledge production
    • Public engagement with the biosciences
    • Health, medicine and genomics
    • Multiple bio-economies

    This will be a conference of high profile public speeches, round tables, outreach events and an academic programme. It will also include the launch of the Routledge:

    Further details