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'Methods, tools and approaches: research relationships'







Confirmed speakers are:

  • Maureen McNeil
  • Michal Nahman
  • Sarah Parry
  • Alexandra Plows
  • Celia Roberts
  • Clare Williams

Organised by

Dr Joan Haran, Dr Alex Plows and Dr Kate O'Riordan


Conference Centre, Room 3, Lancaster University

Event details

This is the second in a series of one day events, organised to discuss issues regarding research relationships in social research on biomedicine and technoscience. There will be presentations by key researchers and others engaging with this topic, and an opportunity to debate and discuss the challenges raised, as well as the existing and prospective feminist resources available to respond to them.

Potential issues for discussion include the challenges and opportunities – methodological and epistemological, amongst others – arising from relationships between:

  • Social scientists and life scientists, clinicians and other health professionals
  • Practitioners in the arts and practitioners in technoscience and biomedicine
  • Researchers and their co-respondents
  • Interdisciplinary research teams
  • Science and policy actors and publics

The aim of this seminar is to encourage informed debates with and between feminist academics and other engaged stakeholders. Following a morning of short presentations, the event will have a workshop style format, with emphasis on relatively informal participation and interaction, discussing key issues and themes.

Further details