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Artology – Interventions and intersections between philosophy, art practice, and biomedical science

Public event   18.12.2012






Dr Jac Saorsa, Lecturer in Drawing, Fine Art from Cardiff Metropolitan University.


The Gate, Keppoch St, Roath

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Dr Saorsa writes: “This talk will address the way in which I, as a visual artist and researcher, engage creatively with the conceptual edifice of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, and attempt to put his philosophy into practice. Deleuze provides me with the framework that both supports and challenges my creative ability and integrity, and, in being supported and challenged, I have developed the capacity to challenge in turn. I hold conversations with Deleuze through my work; continuing conversations wherein syntax and meaning ‘de’ and ‘reterritorialise’ as we address the relation between talk and action, between thought and practice. I conceive of ‘process’ as continuous flux.

Through verbalising and reflecting on process I have learned to ‘stammer’ in the Deleuzean ‘vital’ sense of being a foreigner in my own language, and within the perpetuity of process that is characterised in the stammering, the ‘and…and…and…’ I embrace a creative multilingualism in terms of interpenetrative relations between visual language and conventional speech. These relations are inherent and fundamental in my current research, Drawing Women’s Cancer, in which philosophy, art practice, ethnobotany and biomedical science are brought together within an overall ‘narrative’.”Dr Saorsa recently mounted an exhibition of her work at the Senedd, and blogs at drawingcancer.wordpress.com

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