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Philosophy and Public Policy

Workshop   16.03.2012





Organised by

Society of Applied Philosophy


British Academy

Event details

Cesagen Director, Professor Ruth Chadwick is taking part in a Society of Applied Philosophy workshop at the British Academy, as part of an Expert Group on Applying Applied Philosophy.

The work of the Expert Group will consider factors necesassary for the successful application of applied philosophy, which depends on an understanding of the audiences to whom applied philosophers need to speak and of the real world to which applied philosophy applies.

This workshop on 'Philosophy and Public Policy', will address questions such as:

  • How, in general, can philosophers contribute to real-world policy and law reform?
  • How should philosophers present any particular case to policy makers?
  • Are there areas of policy making that are particularly appropriate for applied philosophers?
  • In what kinds of language should philosophers construct a case, recommendations, advice or a guide to philosophical thinking if speaking to non-philosophers?

The outcomes of this workshop and another held in February - 'Teaching Applied Philosophy' will help to determine the future activities of this Expert Group, funded by a grant from the Higher Education Academy.

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