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Cesagen Cross-site Seminar:Irresponsible Research and Innovation

Seminar   08.03.2012






Roger Strand, Professor at the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities, University of Bergen, Norway


FASS Meeting Room 2, Lancaster University and 10 Museum Place, Cardiff University

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At least since the emergence of nuclear science and technology there have been voices of concern, arguing for the need for some kind of social governance of the S&T sector. Currently the EU is drafting new rules for 'responsible research and innovation' - RRI. As RRI is in the making, it is appropriate to discuss: What political opportunities are provided by this concept? What does 'responsible' mean in this context? What role may scholars from the social sciences and humanities play when we are enrolled into endeavours of RRI, particularly in 'integrated projects' where we are hired to catalyse the 'responsible' dimension of innovation processes?

In his talk, Roger Strand will reflect upon his own participation in the later kind of projects, and question in retrospect whether such participation can indeed be deemed as 'responsible'.

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