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Cesagen Cross-site Seminar: Genomics, People and Plants

Seminar   12.06.2012






Denis Murphy, Professor of Biotechnology and Head of the Biotechnology Unit at the University of Glamorgan


D023 (MR07) D Floor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences broadcast via video link to the meeting room, 10 Museum Place, Cesagen, Cardiff University

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Using modern genomic technologies to address global food security and the sustainable use of cropland

Over the next few decades, the world will face serious challenges in maintaining adequate food production. Meeting these challenges will require increasing use of and/or intensification of land use for crop production. Different regions of the world are deploying different strategies, this presentation examines recent developments on oil palm genomics in South East Asia and how this impacts on an array of socio-economic-biological strategies such as biofuel investment, rainforest and peatland conservation policy implementation. Other major impacts contemplated are on the economic development of indigenous peoples, their climate change adaptation strategies and their sustainability agenda.

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