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Silent Running: A Cardiff University sciScreen event for the Sustainability Week

Public event   01.11.2011






Dr Rhodri Evans, Research Fellow, School of Physics & Astronomy, Cardiff University, Head of Maths & Physics, Wales International Study Centre

Lori Frater, Senior Research Manager, BRASS, Cardiff University

Dr Chris North, Researcher & UK Herschel Outreach Officer, Cardiff University

Chris Barber, International Space School Education Trust (ISSET)

Organised by

Laura James and Cerys Ponting, BRASS with support from Dr Katie Featherstone and Dr Jamie Lewis Cesagen, Cardiff University


Chapter Arts Centre, Market RoadCanton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE

Event details

Silent Running(USA 1972, 89 min., U)Director: Douglas TurnbullWith: Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts andRon Rifkin

This sciSCREEN event is organised in conjunction with the BRASS Centre from Cardiff University as part of Sustainability Week.

Silent Running is a 1972 sci-fi classic that draws on the theme of sustainability and the importance of forestry.Freeman Lowell looks after plants in giant space greenhouses. Back on earth, all the trees have long vanished, so Lowell puts a lot of heart into his work. When orders from earth are received to destroy the greenhouses, Lowell can't go through with it, and cannot persuade his three colleagues to help him save the plants, so he makes other "arrangements".

The talks that follow the film will centre around issues of biodiversity, outer-space and astronomy. As usual this will be accompanied by a free wine reception. Discussion and debate will centre on issues of biodiversity, outer-space and astronomy.

Flyer for Silent Running sciSCREEN

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