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House of Beasts Symposium - Art, Animals, Science: Dwelling & Non-Humans

Public event   18.02.2012






Joanna Latimer

More TBC

Organised by

Cardiff University (SocSci, Cplan, Cesagen)

Meadow Arts

The National Trust at Attingham Park

The Shropshire Wildlife Trust


Stables, mansion and parkland of Attingham Park in Shropshire, a National Trust property´╗┐

Event details

The symposium is a part of the new exhibition of contemporary art celebrating the history of animal-human relations organised by Meadow Arts, and funded by the Arts Council. House of Beasts is to take place from July 2011 in the stables, mansion and parkland of Attingham Park in Shropshire, a National Trust property. The group show will include new commissions and existing work directly inspired by Attingham's history and responding to its rich collections. The works will investigate our relationship with those animals who live in close proximity to us or share our living space, whether domestic, wild or managed. These relationships can range from highly emotional ties, as in the case of pets or horses, to purely economical, as in industrial farming. They can be based on admiration or curiosity for example for birds or butterflies, or prove frankly antagonistic as with the various pests that roam around us, such as moles or rats. At Attingham distinct personages throughout the centuries have each illustrated an aspect of this relationship. House of Beasts will highlight the importance of Attingham’s animal population, past and present, and its part in the history of the estate. The contemporary art works will offer an opportunity to revisit the diversity and wealth of Attingham’s collections as well as the significance of its landscape.

The symposium will take place on Saturday, Feb 18, in the home of Shropshire Wild life Trust and will launch the annual Darwin Festival. Then it will be complemented by a guided tour of the exhibition on Sunday, Feb 19 with the curator and some of the artists.

The symposium will be a public event exploring the cultural, philosophical and ethical significance of human-animal relations as portrayed in the exhibition. It will be open to the public and will bring some of the artists involved in the exhibition into conversation with leading academics on human-animal relations. The aim of the symposium is to engage with emerging sensibilities and questioning about human nonhuman animal relations. Its objective is to offer complementary perspectives to Darwinian and other scientific perspectives on nonhuman animals.´╗┐

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House of Beasts