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Cesagen China Symposium

Conference   26.07.2011






Professor Qiu Ren-Zong

Professor Zhai Xiaomei




Wales Millennium Centre

Event details

Professors Qiu Ren-Zong and Zhai Xiaomei visit Cesagen at Cardiff University for a symposium investigating the potential dimensions of an international governance of science drawing on experiences in the Chinese and UK contexts. The challenges of a potential international approach will frame discussions with the following areas being examined:

- Whether some, all, or any ethical principles are sufficiently universal in order to provide a baseline for governance frameworks

- Interrogating differences in ethical principles, and societal concerns, over the governance of science between China and the UK

- Exploring the notion of what constitutes 'good' science, in both the UK and Chinese context

- Exploring the relationship between Chinese / UK scientists and social scientists and how these impact on discussions on the implications of scientific developments for Chinese and UK society respectively

- Suggesting new ways to research potential new governance frameworks [with a focus on identifying potential projects that could be submitted for external funding]

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