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Cesagen cross-site seminar: Medical tourism: Pathways, perils & policies

Seminar   11.01.2011






Dr Leigh Turner, University of Minnesota

Leigh Turner is Associate Professor in the Center for Bioethics, School of Public Health, and College of Pharmacy. In addition, he is a Member of the Global Health concentration within the Consortium for the Study of the Asias.

Turner’s current research is situated at the intersection of global health ethics and transnational health policy. In particular, Turner is examining ethical issues related to medical travel and the emergence of a global marketplace in health services. His research program includes ethical and social analysis of cross-border commercial organ transplantation, international medical travel, "stem cell tourism", “dental tourism", the establishment of bioeconomies in India and Singapore, cross-border shopping for medications, global migration of health care providers, and international trade in health services.


Railway Room, Cardiff University, Park Place broadcast via video link to Lancaster University

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