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Cesagen Public Lecture: Professor Allen Roses - Predicting Alzheimer's: facing the challenges of genomics in medicine

Public event   31.03.2011






Professor Allen Roses, Director at Deane Drug Discovery Institute, Duke University

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Main Council Chamber, Cardiff University

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On 31 March 2011, Cesagen will welcome Professor Allen D. Roses, former Senior Vice President of GlaxoSmithKline, to Cardiff University. Professor Roses has established an international reputation for his work in the field of exploratory drug discovery, pharmacogenetics and clinical neuroscience. He is currently the CEO of Zinfandel Pharmaceuticals, as well as the Director of the Deane Drug Discovery Institute in Duke University, North Carolina. In 1992, Professor Roses led the team which identified APOE as a major, widely confirmed susceptibility gene in common late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. This lecture will explore recent developments in his ongoing research in this field.This lecture is part of Cesagen’s Public Lecture series, the next of which will be on the 12th October 2011 in Lancaster Town Hall, with the University of Leicester’s Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys FRS, the inventor of DNA fingerprinting.

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