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Cesagen Public Lecture: In Darwin's Wake

Public event   29.11.2010






Botanist Dr Sarah Darwin


Oriel Suite and Restaurant, National Museum Cardiff

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To celebrate the UN's International Year of Biodiversity and to mark the centenary of Scott's fateful trip in the Terra Nova, we are pleased to welcome Dr Sarah Darwin to Cardiff to talk about her recent expedition recreating the voyage of HMS Beagle.

In this lecture, our speaker Dr Sarah Darwin, a botanist and the great-great granddaughter of Charles Darwin, will explore the changing relationship between humans and nature using examples from her experiences during a recent collaborative project, which retraced Darwin’s famous voyage to the Galapagos islands, the expedition which formed the basis of his book 'The Origin Of Species By Means Of Natural Selection'.

Sarah is a specialist in the evolution of Galapagos tomatoes. She has just returned from a one year trip around the world on board an 80m Tea clipper with her two children - following in the wake of Darwin's HMS Beagle voyage . The journey has been made into a 35 part documentary series, 'On The Future Of Species' by the Dutch television company VPRO, with Sarah as one of the presenters.

To accompany this lecture, of Egenis, University of Exeter, will be exhibiting artwork which celebrates seafaring voyages of discovery including contributions of the artists of the Beagle voyage, in particular Exeter's Conrad Martens, as well as some of his own work exploring breaking symmetry in a series of 'keel-board seascapes'.

Steve is by training a geneticist with an interest in plant breeding and its modern technologies and their place in farmer practice. He also works as a sculptor stimulated by natural processes of forming and incidental mark-making in the landscape.

All welcome. In Darwin's Wake Flyer

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