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CSG & EGN's Amsterdam conference

Conference   17.04.2008





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Genomics and Society: Setting the Agenda CSG & EGN's Amsterdam conference17 – 18 April 2008

The Centre for Society and Genomics (CSG) & the Economic and Social Research Council's Genomics Network (EGN) invite you to:Venue Venue: West-Indisch Huis, AmsterdamThe West-Indisch Huis is a 10 minutes walk from the central railway station.Theme The theme of this year’s conference will be 'Genomicsand Society: Setting the Agenda'. The conference aims to explore thequestion to what extent ELSA genomics research feeds into or shapes theagendas of genomics research, professional practices, policy practicesand public debate. Programme: new format The issue of agenda-setting will notonly be addressed by those who study the ethical, legal and societalaspects (ELSA) of genomics, but include interaction with genomicsresearchers, policy makers and professionals. The 2008 conference, as aconsequence, uses a different format than it did in previous years.The programme will include two types of sessions:1. thematic sessions In these sessions, junior as well as seniors will present their research approach, findings and questions.2. interactive agenda sessions In these sessions, abstractsare presented that explicitly address an audience of policy makers,professionals, genome researchers and/or public organizations. thespeakers will illustrate agenda-setting in practice by presenting keyfindings of research projects or programmes, which are then discussedwith a panel of policy-makers, professionals and genomic researchers. Plenaries Plenary speakers include:Oron Catts, SymbioticA, AustraliaDarryl Macer, UNESCO, ThailandPeter de Knijff, Leiden University Medical Centre, The NetherlandsPeteris Zilgalvis, European Commission, BelgiumGeorge Gaskell, London School of Economics, UKScience theatre play On the night of April 16th, conferenceparticipants are invited to a theatre play staged by science theatrePandemonia (in English).

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