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Cesagen · Events

The Impact of Genomics on Public Health

Conference   25.04.2013

Badminton Philosophy Conference 2013

Conference   19.03.2013

Critical Perspectives on the New Biology

Public event   29.11.2012

Growing Meat from Stem Cells

Public event   25.10.2012

Philosophy and Public Policy

Workshop   16.03.2012

Dignity in Practice

Conference   30.11.2011

Cesagen China Symposium

Conference   26.07.2011

Discover! Club: "Bimbos or Boffins?"

Public event   05.03.2011

The (Hi)story of Bioethics

Conference   24.01.2011

Cesagen Public Lecture: In Darwin's Wake

Public event   29.11.2010

Cesagen Cardiff Open Day

Public event   04.11.2010

Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing - a moral maze?

ESRC Festival of Social Science   16.03.2010

The Future of the Codex Alimentarius

Workshop   16.03.2010

Two Models in Global Health Ethics

Seminar   26.11.2009

British food policy (biopatents)

Seminar   13.10.2009

Is Embryo Research the Limit?

Workshop   12.03.2009

The Future of Medicine: Innovation from bench to bedside

ESRC Festival of Social Science   10.03.2009

Genomics and Society: Reinventing Life?

Conference   27.10.2008

CSG & EGN's Amsterdam conference

Conference   17.04.2008

'Criminal Genes' and Public Policy

Workshop   17.09.2007

'Getting beyond the usual suspects'

Seminar   14.09.2007

Launch of Dignity: A Tale of Two Wards DVD

Public event   30.11.1999